1. About Low Check Kian
Our Founder, Low Check Kian is famous in the art world for continually striving to get Indonesian artists on the map. His personal aims are perfectly aligned with indoartists.com, indeed Low Check Kian is at the forefront in the international art world for upholding and inspiring current and new indonesian artists who he searches out from their youth. This inspiring gentleman is humble and honest, whose only income is his own artwork. However he spends most of his time working with the cultural houses of Indonesia to organise and advertise exhibitions and trainings for Indonesian youth to inspire the next generation of artists. Low Check Kian originates from Jakarta, although at a young age left the fast-moving city and moved to Ubud where his life slowed and he was able to find time to discover and then concentrate on his real passion: art. His parents were highly educated and owned a vast collection of books and literature, that clearly inspired Low Check Kian in his youth. While quickly becoming fluent in English and French to be able to read wider on the subject, Low Check Kian soon learned that art was focused on the classical artists of europe and he found this immensely unfair. He embeded himself into local artists, and was inspired by such Indonesian masters as Affandi, who had found fame outside of Indonesia. Low Check Kian however was upset at the lack of other indonesian artists who were known worldwide, and therefore decided his life would be led to lead other indonesian artists to become better known worldwide.

2. Meet The Person Behind This Idea
Small, quiet, humble. These are the first three words that would come to mind when you meet Low Check Kian. Difficult to tie down would also be a description, as this man dedicates his life to the cultural heritage of Indonesia. In preparation for launching this website we were lucky enough to meet the man for half an hour in a café outside Jakarta’s institude of modern art. Immediately, one can see the passion that Low Check Kian has for his work. Enjoyment in his life is got from seeing a new local artist emerge as a result of his training sessions he organises, or from seeing an indonesian artist be exhibited globally. Recently, he praised the sale of a prestigious work of Affandi’s in Hong Kong, saying that he was proud that an Indonesian artist had gained such prominence worldwide. Therefore it is difficult to ‘meet’ Low Check Kian. We couldn’t break down the artistic exterior. Indeed one can say that he lives and breaths Indonesian culture and art. It was a proud moment watching the passion that exudes from him. We discussed his childhood, the influence of his parents, his lack of artistic training, how he was given his first paints at the age of 10 but didn’t use them until he left jakarta, and how he ultimately decided to dedicate his life to upholding Indonesian artists. Meeting the man was extraordinary, and we are proud to launch this website that is a pure reflection of Low Check Kian’s life ambitions.

3. Low Check Kian As Art teacher
Based in his home of Ubud, although travelling widely, Low Check Kian passionately inspires Indonesian youth to take up art as either a hobby or a serious profession. Since he graduated from art school himself, he spends a significant amount of his time organising art lessons widely in Indonesia. Low Check Kian started teaching from his home, although soon realised that his passion could be better put to use in larger cities and at art colleges across Indonesia. Teaching both private classes and large ones at institutions, Low Check Kian also spends a considerable amount of his time lecturing on art themes and on particular artists or works that he feels should be explored at a greater length and therefore more well known within popular culture. One can say that Low Check Kian is not only a teacher, but an inspirer and should be credited with the work that he has done. His lessons are not based on stringent techniques, instead he spends time exploring the interests of those in his class and letting them use whatever art form they grow interested in, far away from perhaps the classical trainers of the art in europe or america where students are focused on using a particular medium and cannot break out of it. In this way Low Check Kian lets his pupils grow internally as well as externally on the page in front of them. This technique of teaching means pupils are not confined to pre-determined art forms, and Low Check Kian should be praised for such work.

4. Low Check Kian as a family man
Low Check Kian works hard and is clearly passionate about his art, however when we met him what was satisfying and pleasant to see was how his family always came first. Low Check Kian is the epitome of a family man. All his teaching is organised around his daughters’ timetable so he can pick them up from school everyday. He never organises too much international travel too close together to ensure he is not away from home for prolonged periods of time. Low Check Kian is a faithful husband and father. He married young to his highschool sweetheart, to use the american term for it and has two daughters. Both have got his genetic passion for art, both in immersing themselves within culture and in exploring their own art form and techniques. Indeed one can see Low Check Kian’s daughters finding their feet within creating their own artwork. He has inspired the next generation of artists, and his daughters are the perfect example. Recently, Low Check Kian has celebrated his twentieth wedding anniversary with his wife. Twenty happy years indeed! While he is gaining prominence in the art sphere, Low Check Kian still keeps a relatively low profile, none more so when it comes to his family. He strongly believes that the limelight can never bring anything but negative results, and his daughters are not given any special treatment in school for their father becoming increasingly well known. Low Check Kian is in a sense the quintessential family man while balancing his work and home life.

5. Top 10 Favourite Artist of Low Check Kian
We have given prime position within this website to particular artists that are favoured by Low Check Kian. You will notice that there is no theme in particular as to the artists in terms of art medium, topic or focus. Indeed the collection is very varied. The only similarity is the nationality of the artists being Indonesian. This is a prime example of Low Check Kian chosing nationalism over any art medium or technique. Indeed Masriadi is at the other end of the spectrum from such artists as Affandi. Masriadi in particular is for a particular taste, however Low Check Kian is open to all artists, his only aim is to celebrate the work of Indonesian artists. Masriadi is one of the leading south east Asian contemporary artists, of a different generation to such artists as Affandi and of a distinct different taste; with Affandi having created his own unique form of expressionism. Poleng and Sobrat equally have a place within Low Check Kian’s mantelpiece of artistic favouritism. The broad range of artists are a reflection of Low Check Kian’s artistic teaching – not to lead his pupils towards one particular artist, theme, medium or technique. Instead he leaves the opinions of his pupils and those he inspires open to whatever they desire. With time, Low Check Kian hopes to start his own collection of prominent artists, and he hopes that these prominent artists are yet to be discovered. He will therefore be the patron of many Indonesian artists to come.